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How Will the Earth Look When Lifeless?, a Poem by Muhammad Shanazar, Pakistan

Posted on November 11th, 2010 in Terrorism Quotes / Poems SMS by Hina

We from inward
Have negated violence,
And acknowledged,
From the core of heart,
The glory of creation;
And in a magnificent gathering,
We have pledged,
To render responsibility,
For the survival of life
And the earth;
But to obtain peaceful environment
We have transformed,
Nuclear weapons into home-industry;
For we think that preparations
Of wars only bear peace.

Alla din of Death
Having the magical lamp in hands,
Is fluttering over our heads;
And the earth is listening
To the sound of time creeping in us.
Life has made up her mind
To migrate from the earth.

How will the Earth look when lifeless?
Who will be here to witness after all?

(Written by Jawaaz Jafri Translated by Muhammad Shanazar)

Terror, a Poem by Vijay Raman, USA

Posted on November 11th, 2010 in Terrorism Quotes / Poems SMS by Hina


It may not have affected you or me,
but it always does affect somebody.

Many Loose their life,
by someone else’s act of cowardice,
like being stabbed in the back with a knife.

The culprits being brutal or insane,
on someone or something they heap the blame.

The Americans have done no less,
for the sake of killing a few,
have left many countries a mess.

After all the terrorist’s cowardly tactics,
all we get is cheap and lowly politics.

We need to stop this terror, stop it now,
before we too lose someone we love.

Let’s not take this light,
break all barriers and unite,
and crush all terror with our combined might.

Terrorism, a Poem by Abeera Shakeel, Pakistan

Posted on November 11th, 2010 in Terrorism Quotes / Poems SMS by Hina

Terror, terror, in everyone’s heart,
Blasting bombs everywhere,
Humans scream, dogs bark.
Going out to enjoy themselves, people don’t dare.

Terrorist is the one who terrorises,
But no one knows, who that is.
Fiery fear in people’s heart rises,
One human, another human kills.

Nor the one who’s being killed knows why,
Nor the one who kills, knows.
Evil is at its peak, very high,
Filled with fervour are people’s vows.

There will be an end to terrorism, I know.
These atrocious people will pay the debt,
For those who are martyred,so,
Hold your hearts tight,they’ll be punished,I bet.

There is some type of, in them grudge,
What they’re giving others,God will them give.
Have faith, God is just,
Have trust in Him!